To Whom It May Concern

We, TURBO PRINT PTE LTD (the “Company”), are very impressed with the quality products and services rendered to us by PRINTS INCORPORATE PTE LTD (“Prints Incorporate”) over the years.


Our Management is very impressed with the professionalism in the way Prints Incorporate conducts its business with the Company.


As a large format printer, the Company requires high quality precision equipment which is used to improve the printing operations of its business.


Prints Incorporate is very experienced in the graphic arts and printing industry. It specialises in providing Printing Quality Measure devices and Printing Lighting.  Hence, the Company receives professional advice and valuable information from Prints Incorporate with regard to the equipment used for our printing business.


Prints Incorporate has gained the Company’s trust. We will continue to work closely with Prints Incorporate and strengthen our working relationship.


We would certainly recommend Prints Incorporate as our reliable and trusted partner to all our other business associates and affiliates, to meet their industry needs and requirements.


Dated this 16th day of October 2008.


Mr Toa Sem Guan,
Factory Manager